Brand New Mobile App for Locational Buying&Selling


Are you searching for a product close by? Browse the items in a locational order, beginning from the stuff around you first. Locby is redefining how you do shopping.


It’s in your pocket, wherever you go, whatever you search, whenever you want. Don’t wait to go home to check on your computer.


This is the nearest marketplace to you. There is no limitation, whatever sold on the web is here.

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Instant Gratification

You don’t have to wait for the delivery to come to you for days. You can go and get the product instantly from the seller.

See & Touch Before Purchase

You don’t have to guess the quality of the product. You can go to the seller to check the item and decide.

Trust Your Connections

You don’t feel like trusting all the sellers? You can see if there is any connection between you and the seller